What is the World Bank Group Academy

The World Bank Group Academy provides capacity development and training to policymakers and development practitioners to help them design and implement effective social and economic policies that reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity on a livable planet. The Academy aims to help build a cadre of development leaders and practitioners in WBG client countries.

Using a client-centered, outward-oriented approach, the World Bank Group Academy will deepen the Bank Group’s engagement with clients through technical exchange, peer to peer leaning, and jointly identifying good practices and proven solutions. It also bring World Bank Group knowledge closer to clients through its network of country offices and hubs and leverage the Bank Group’s 80 years of technical expertise and implementation experience.

The Academy offers a range of client capacity development programs that share global development knowledge, cutting-edge analytics, and lessons learned in implementing development strategies and programs including through World Bank Group operations. The Academy will aim to surface many of the lessons of what works in development and share and amplify globally with the goal of replicating and scaling them to achieve even greater development impact. Topics are aligned with global challenges and country priorities. Current featured programs focus on advancing sustainable and inclusive reforms and programs necessary to promote growth, enhance social protection, create jobs, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

Delivery format. The Academy offerings include in-person, e-learning, peer-to-peer and hands-on training events, communities of practice, and access to knowledge resources.

A unified WBG platform. The Academy serves as a unified platform for the World Bank, IFC and MIGA to foster capacity in client countries. Content design, instruction, and delivery are led by technical experts in the global practices and regions at the World Bank, IFC and MIGA.

Harnessing technology. The Academy will harness the latest technology and utilize new learning methodologies to maximize reach and impact.

Leveraging the WBG’s knowledge base. The Academy builds on the World Bank Group’s 80 years of experience supporting countries to implement reforms and development programs as well as its ready access to global knowledge and expertise. Today’s global challenges are bigger, more complex and more intertwined than ever before and require a new approach, one that leverages the best of global development knowledge. 

The Academy supports the World Bank Group’s clients including policy makers and staff of line ministries, central banks, regulators, and other public sector institutions or agencies and the private sector.

Eligibility criteria are established for each program and may require nomination by client country ministry or are by-invitation only given limited space or target audience.  Registration details can be found under each of the programs below. Select program activities will be open to staff of local think tanks, universities, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs).  

Client capacity development programs are delivered through a variety of approaches, tailored to the varying needs of clients.  In-person events will take place in WBG headquarters in Washington DC, regional hubs, and country offices close to World Bank clients.

To expand accessibility, the Academy also leverages new technologies and provides training through digital platforms including e-learning, multimedia, and podcasts.

The Academy works with external partners to make this a truly global capacity development platform. These partners include academia, think tanks, the private sector, and other development partners.

Update from Axel van Trotsenburg, the World Bank Senior Managing Director

World Bank Group Academy and Programs

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    Strengthening health systems and advancing universal health coverage; expanding inclusive education and innovation; promoting digital and adaptive social protection

  • The World Bank


    Advancing finance and private sector development, climate and disaster risk finance, macroeconomics, fiscal policy, taxation, governance, anticorruption and procurement

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    Accelerating digital transformation for addressing economic and societal challenges and boosting opportunities

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    Galvanizing energy access and transition; fostering safe and sustainable transport and urban mobility

  • The World Bank


    Transforming food systems for healthy people, healthy economies, and a healthy planet; scaling up action for nature, biodiversity and climate

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    Transforming data into actionable knowledge, pro-poor policies and solutions for durable impact